About Echo NDE

Experts in the NDE

and NDT industry

Our ownership has been working together for over 20 years and are experts in the NDE and NDT industry. Our crew is filled with genuine, approachable people who know each other well and how our strengths work together.

At Echo NDE, our goal is to use industry-leading technology to provide our clients with the highest quality of service possible.

We have a team of confident multi-ticketed individuals who are highly trained in their disciplines. We support continuing education as we greatly value what skills each member brings to the force. They are proud of the work they do for our clients and of the company they work for.


Echo NDE is a “team first” atmosphere, meaning our people come first.

Our team members are the people you shake hands with, who provide your service, and who come home at the end of the day still loving what they do.

We’re not a big corporate entity, but we still ask a lot from our staff. In turn we provide exceptional training and a promise that working hard will get you places. Echo NDE is constantly advancing from within our ranks. We ensure our staff are at the top of their game so they can provide superior service every day.


Our certified technicians, in conjunction with our registered quality management system, provide the highest quality of evaluation, every time.

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We take our team’s trust very seriously and ensure that safety is always our first priority.

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