Eddy Current / Tubular Testing Services

Eddy Current

Tubular Testing Services

Eddy Current Testing and Remote Field Testing are electromagnetic techniques. Our services offer inspection and management of tubular products and equipment components, piping and other assets while applying various techniques to a multitude of areas in all industries. This can be applied to a variety of equipment, temperatures and special applications such as ferrous and nonferrous materials.

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Eddy Current Services

  • Eddy Current / Tubular Testing Services
  • Eddy Current Array (ECA)
  • Remote Field Testing (RFT)
  • Internal Rotary Inspection Systems (IRIS)
  • Near Field (NF)
  • Near Field Array (NFA)
  • Video / Borescope
  • Eddy Current Surface Scan
  • Multi-Coil CUI Detection

The Echo Advantage

  • Highly qualified/experienced personnel
  • Detailed 3D mapping reporting
  • Diverse technical abilities
computer connected with eddy current
Eddy current tubes


  • Detect surface-breaking or near-surface cracking and variations in material compositions
  • Detect defects both inside and outside of ferrous tubes
  • Detect metal loss from inside and outside the tube wall
  • Measuring the thickness of non-electrically conductive coatings on electrically conductive materials