Guided Wave

Chemical, Oil and Gas Guided Wave

Ultrasonic Testing

Guided Wave is a low-frequency ultrasonic technique developed as a rapid screening tool for in-service degradation, covering 100% of the volume of the inspected range. This technique allows for the inspection of large sections of pipe from a single remote location.

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Guided Wave Services

  • Guided Wave Inspections (GWUT)
  • Long Range Guided Wave (LRUT)
  • Medium Range Guided Wave (MRUT)
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The Echo Advantage

  • Highly-trained technicians
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Detailed reporting
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Guided Wave Pipes


  • Inspection of above and below ground piping
  • Soil-air riser interfaces, corrosion near piping features, corrosion under pipe supports
  • Insulated piping systems, cased road crossings, buried pipelines between excavations, pipeline risers, piping through concrete walls and sphere legs